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Easter Sunday Verse 2

Delirious bananas swim down the river. 

Green and purple birds sing you a song.

Desperation with no willpower to help. 

Sahara dust sweeps over the city.

I am with it and a light pinch brushes over the skin of my shoulder.

Death is around the corner in the cellar and 

Yet the jump is so blue, friendly, and dazzling. 

Where does the wind and the pressure come from, 

The force that knocks everything down. 

Blue and purple as soft as the eye can see. 

Slowly and exactly as it may come. 

Iridescent and valuable, it can be as green as it likes. 

I see that the shores of life and joy sting and shine.

Ideas to join in reflecting on if you want:

  • Ask yourself, 'who you are' while meditating.

  • What is femininity to you? Is there any fear?

  • What puts you in mortal fear?


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