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Oh hey, how I love being sad.

Switch on sound - might help to ride the emotion.

Isn’t it nice to be sad? There is something to sadness that makes you let go—give up for the moment and release the toughness that makes one go through life successfully—no need to be flashy, visible, and cheery. 

A moment of calm that is almost content. A space where everything is allowed to be released. A private space. Oh hey, how I love being sad. 

Just—if there would not be the shame. Shame to be wrong and broken. Shame of an inappropriate emotion at the wrong time. Shame of being far too soft, unsuitably timed, and not efficient. Being an outsider. And, quickly having to do something to make it go away so you don't scare anyone. And, a force inside that is already forming to push everything back into the body very quickly. 

Instead, wouldn’t it be more fun to have courage and be OK with the fact that you are also capable of this emotion? Better to be sad than feel nothing at all or use your life force to push away something absolutely human, right?

Disclaimer: Please get professional help when you feel you can't deal with the intensity of the emotion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that kind of bravery.


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